Have you ever had someone just ask if you were ok and really care? I have! These people listened to my story, offered to help me financially and actually followed through. Who does that? I cant explain how I feel about this, but I do know that I am thankful for the help and kind words shared with me. I am considering going back to the church for the 1st time in a lot of years. Thank you for your help.

Krystal M

My ice maker broke. My clothes dryer was squeaking really bad. My air filter was clogged. My bathroom sink was slow draining, and I’d been using a toothpick to hold the stopper open so the water could drain at all. As a single mom, on unemployment because of COVID, I couldn’t afford to pay a ton to get these things fixed… and I’m not very handy. He Will Restore Ministries came in and ordered me a new ice maker. They found me another clothes dryer. They showed me how to clean my air filter. They unclogged my bathroom sink and fixed the stopper. They did all of this while letting me pay what I could afford. I can’t say thank you enough! I’m speechless!

Wendy H.

As a single mom, I needed help paying for tires on my car. I got a flat unexpectedly and I was connected to this ministry through family. They blessed me by paying off the balance on my tire bill so that I could have a little bit of wiggle room in my budget to stay current on my monthly bills. 

B. Bickling

Ryan, Alyssa and this ministry blessed me in a big way. I was struggling with finances to stay on track through covid. The Benson’s came to me and without question asked what biggest need was, and within 24 hours had taken care of the bills with no hesitation. I didn’t feel judged or unworthy thanks to the constant communication and kindness shown to me. Thank you for the financial help along with the prayer and love given to me!
H. Black

Ryan and his family saw me on a corner one afternoon – he told me he wanted to help me in a tangible way. That same day he gave me cash and then asked me to e-mail so him so he could help me further. I didn’t think he really would help me again, but I e-mailed him a couple days later and sure enough him and his wife responded and offered to buy me a new outfit including shoes for job interviews. They also bought me animal food for my pets and drove me back home so I wouldn’t have to walk back across town. They wanted nothing from me, Ryan shared his story and encouraged me to just take a little time to read the bible daily. I have not had hope or a kind person in my life for a very long time and this year of covid has been very lonely and long for me. Their kindness and genuine love for my well being was so uplifting and encouraging. They have even offered to help with my resume as I look for work so I don’t become homeless. I plan to stay in touch and hope to be able to pay it forward to someone in need soon!
R. E.

Last weekend I was abundantly blessed by this ministry. I don’t ask for help often but I was in a desperate situation that made me realize it is ok to ask for help. I am a single mom who was moving last weekend and was unable to find much help. I reached out to Alyssa and Ryan who then reached out to others and I had plenty of help. Not only did we have the muscle power to get everything out of my house into the new place, but we got it done in 1 trip. God answered my prayer! I am truly blessed and thankful for what they did for me. 💕

I have been struggling with my faith and a past bad experience I had with a church due to the fact I had been living with someone before marriage. I had a love for the Lord and my faith but was condemned and made to feel unworthy of God’s love because I had sinned or was “living in sin”. This was several years ago, I never returned back to church because of the way I was treated then. Ryan spoke to me in a basketball court of all places, and was so encouraging and kind. As we spoke more and more he began to tell me about his faith and his past and where he is at currently in life, this was so encouraging to me that a “Christian” would talk openly and freely to me about all their sins. This led to my attending a church recently, I am working through getting my faith back, but would not have even considered it if I was not shown the love and true acceptance by Ryan when I was having a bad day on the basketball court. Thank you.

Cresta Social Messenger